TOA is aware of safety and environmental conservation.

TOA group of companies focuses on producing standard products and manages safety, occupational health and environment at the same time. The Company has been implementing the policy on the environment standard of ISO 14001 and the policy on occupational health and safety of Thai Industrial Standard   18001/International Standard of OHSAS 8800 since 1997. 
TOA group of companies has applied such system as its operating norms to ensure safety of all working processes and not negatively affecting the environment. The policy has been supported by executives and employees at all levels until TOA has been certified by Thailand Environment Institute.    
For the management of safety, occupational health and environment, TOA group of companies focuses on proactive management with regular and continuing implementation to make sure that its production, transportation and distribution are efficient and effective and minimize losses and operating costs sustainably.  
To prevent and suppress fire, the Company has set up advanced fire suppression systems sufficiently for risks by installing the system inspection and testing program to ensure functionality. In addition, a fire drill is organized continuously to ensure safety at work. The Company operates its business by conforming to its key policies and applicable laws strictly. Training on Safety is provided for its employees and all concerned, and outsiders must obtain permission to enter the factories of TOA group of companies. Moreover, the Company focuses on proactive safety management by inspecting and working with the Safety, Occupational Health and Environment Committee of various departments on a regular basis, aiming to get rid of unsafe environment and encourage the employees to conform to the safety manual strictly. Meanwhile, Training on Safety at Work is provided for the employees annually.