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Plum Wonderful


This color scheme is inspired by fruits - plums, prunes and figs, and flowers - dianthus, hydrangea and wisteria. It is more complex than just a shade of purple. Plum Wonderful is influenced by a ripe plum fruit, which has deeper hues of pinky purple with a hint of grey. This color scheme is often used in fashion and beauty media because its warm tone suggests a sexy and charming image. It might remind you of a lively young woman with a warm touch. 

A feature wall with a deeper shade of purple can lift up a room by giving dimensional effect. Timber furniture in a lighter shade such as a white chic chair is a perfect match with this color scheme. This can create a cozy environment without making it looks overcrowded. 

Barrymore Color combination of purple plum and pink shades of grey can provide you with a sweet and warm touch. Minty green color can be added to furniture or decorative items such as a cushion, to make the room more vibrant.

The purple color scheme is not only inspired by plums, but it can also be inspired by other interesting fruit and vegetables such as eggplant, purple cabbage, purple carrot, beetroot, grapes and blueberries. Try to add these shades of color to your interior design and you may find a shade of purple that may suit your color dreams.