Snow Lake



Color Palette







Snow Lake

Imagine yourself in an icy, cold winter and snowflakes cover everything around you – grass field, mountain and pine trees. Even the lake is frozen. This creates a group of off-white colors, which is white that has a base of other colors. It conjures up a mood of simple, relaxed refinement.

Use these cool whites TOA7324 (blue base) and TOA7476 (bright green base) to decorate in the minimalist style. The simplicity of this style makes you feel comfortable. These off-whites can also create a soft touch which has a dimensional effect on the room. You can dress the room with furniture made from natural materials such as timber, rattan and woven textiles. 

Breezy Point
Warm whites create a look of sunshine reflected on a wall. They work well with pine furniture showing off its beautiful timber pattern and creating a cozy atmosphere. Try Scandinavian style for more inspiration and it may lead your imagination to somewhere very relaxing. You may think that you are having a delicious cup of coffee in a café somewhere else in the world.

Soothing Spring

Whites that have pink, purple or smoke undertones can create a classic and romantic atmosphere. They appeal to ladies because they are soft and gentle, yet crisp and luxurious at the same time. 

Whites that are created from the toning down of other colors work well with any interior style.