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Service Agreement
Please read the agreement on service request thoroughly prior to accepting the service terms and conditions.
This agreement is made between TOA Paint (Thailand) Public Company Limited, hereafter referred to as “the Company” and the registrant for the house paint color design service, hereafter referred to as “the Client”.

1) House paint color design (Idea@Color) is a complimentary service for TOA clients. Meanwhile, the Company reserves the right to use color consultation and color design for TOA products only.

2) The Client “must give all details required by the Company”. If the details are incomplete, and if it is not possible to design, the Company will not take any responsibility.

3) Graphic and color designs are deemed to be the copyright of the Company, and the Company reserves the right to disseminate them in any form.

4) The TOA house paint color design program (Idea@Color) is to introduce basic color tones only, so the color tones appearing on the computer screen may differ from those in the catalogue, the sample sheet or the actual paints. Thus, please always check the colors in the Fandex or the catalogue prior to making decisions to buy or paint. The Company reserves the right to claim damages caused by color tone errors from the Idea@Color Program.

5) “The Company” can change the requirements appropriately without prior notice, and “the Client” will not claim any compensation or any replacement from “the Company”.
For People in General
TOA employees, salespersons, personal consultants and stores
  Accept the agreement for the house paint color design service.