TOA Skim Coat is a cement based modified polymer for thin plastering application with thickness varying from 0.5 – 2 mm. It is used to cover pinholes, correct unevenness and minor imperfections in concretes. When applied properly will obtain a high bonding, non-cracking and a smooth surfaces.

Type of Finishing
Grey, White
Can Size
20 Kg.
Excellent workability and easy to sand

TOA Skim Coat provides the following beneficial properties :

  • Skim coating for concrete wall, column, ceiling and joints etc.
  • Give very smooth surface finishing.
  • Good bonding to sound substrate and paint.
  • Save paints when painting.
  • Use for both interior and exterior.

TOA Skim Coat is used for cosmetic repairs to concrete surfaces,
precast concrete panels, brick and block works etc.