TOA 302 Acrylic Sealant is applied to fix big crack. It is highly flexible, fast-drying, easy to decorate, and does not mix up with top coat color.

TOA 302 Acrylic Sealant is formulated with special acrylic polymer. It is highly flexible, adhesive with many substances, weather resistant, UV light resistant, and friendly to users. It can be used both exterior and interior application. Top coat can be applied without a need of primer.

Type of Finishing
Can Size
1/4, 1GL
One Part Polyurethane Sealant
  • No stain from oil/solvent on top coat color
  • Compatible with many substances, such as, cement, wood, and precast
  • No flowing back
  • Easy to apply
  • Top coat can be applied without a need of primer
  • UV light & Weather resistance
  • Precast and wall joints
  • Expansion joint and floor joint
  • Frame, window, aluminium
  • Fiber cement joint
  • Crack or tear on building