SuperShield Titanium Semi Gloss
100% high performance pure acrylic waterborne.Excellent adhesion,Anti-fungus and algae.Anti-efflorescence and excellent alkali resistance.
Most advance technology from TOA specially designed to enhance durability and reflect radiant heat with "Ti-Pure"-Nano Titanium triple protection developed from titanium molecule encapsulated 3 layers protection to provide home all weathers resistance even high humidity or tropical climate.
Product Group
Ultra Premium
Type of Finishing
Semi Gloss
Can Size
1/4GL, 1GL, 2.5GL, 5GL
SuperShield the best exterior paint from TOA. No.1 durability,won World Class Standard from USA.
  • SuperShield won 1st prize World Class Standard -ASTM E424 Heat reflection standard USA,help to save energy.
  • SuperShield as proven evidence of long lasting beauty for over 30 years and  the only brand  with 15 year warranty with Ti-Purer®.   
  • Acrylic self-Cleaning technology provides dirt picks up resistance and self-cleaning ability.
  • Greenovation technologyfree from lead and mercury. Ultra Low VOCs. Extra low odor.
  • Suitable for Green Building standard.
  • Certified by Thai and Singapore green label standard.
Applicable for every types of cement surface,concrete,gypsum board,ceramic.