TOA HydroQuick Primer
Top Quality Multi-Purpose Primer for Exterior & Interior. Suitable for fresh,new & old concrete.
Product Group
Ultra Premium
Type of Finishing
Can Size
3.785, 9, 15 Ltr.
Protect all problem in tropical climate.
  • Fast dry
  • Low odor ,Low VOCs , safe for user
  • Wall Shield technology enhances adhesion better than water base primer  2x
    Super hiding power
  • Instant apply, Super PH balance 
  • Superior breathable film,rising damp content 40%
  • Excellent alkali resistance & Anti - efflorescense
  • Anti - Fungus & Algae
  • Low VOCs , Safe for user
  • Support for Green Building standard 
Super hiding,instanly apply and low odour.
Suitable for deteriorated/chalky old concrete , new concrete or fresh concrete.Can be used for exterior and interior ,Especially the fast finished and low odor interior work.